Photon Quantum 2.1.1

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Frame Classes

The FrameBase class the hub for all of the Quantum game data. More...


class  Quantum.Frame
 The user implementation of FrameBase that resides in the project quantum_state and has access to all user relevant classes. More...
class  Quantum.Core.FrameBase
 The Frame class is the container for all the transient and static game state data, including the API for entities, physics, assets and others. More...
struct  Quantum.Core.FrameBase.FrameBaseUnsafe
 Frame API to give access to C# unsafe pointers and advanced immediate operations. More...


Physics2D.PhysicsEngine2D.Api Quantum.Core.FrameBase.Physics2D
 Access to the Physics2D API. More...
Physics3D.PhysicsEngine3D.Api Quantum.Core.FrameBase.Physics3D
 Access to the Physics3D API. More...


Navigation Quantum.Core.FrameBase.Navigation [get]
 Access to the Navigation API. More...

Detailed Description

The FrameBase class the hub for all of the Quantum game data.

Variable Documentation

◆ Physics2D

Physics2D.PhysicsEngine2D.Api Quantum.Core.FrameBase.Physics2D

Access to the Physics2D API.

◆ Physics3D

Physics3D.PhysicsEngine3D.Api Quantum.Core.FrameBase.Physics3D

Access to the Physics3D API.


◆ Navigation

Navigation Quantum.Core.FrameBase.Navigation

Access to the Navigation API.