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Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer Namespace Reference


class  ByteBuffer
 The byte buffer.
class  EventDataEventArgs
 Provides data for the TcpClient.Event event. More...
class  InboundS2SPeer
class  InitializeEncryptionEventArgs
 Contains information for a intiialize encryption operation response. More...
class  OperationResponseEventArgs
 Provides data for the TcpClient.OperationResponse event. More...
class  OutboundS2SPeer
class  PingResponse
 The ping response. More...
class  PingResponseEventArgs
 Provides data for the TcpClient.PingResponse event. More...
class  S2SPeerBase
 The server peer base. More...
class  SocketErrorEventArgs
 Provides data for the TcpClient.ConnectError event. More...
class  TcpBinaryReader
 The tcp binary reader.
class  TcpClient
 Provides methods to communicate with other photon server applications. More...
class  TcpClientBase
 Base class for Tcp client implementations. More...
class  TemporaryServerPeer
class  Versions
 Defines current version for peer implementations.


using ProtocolType = System.Net.Sockets.ProtocolType

Typedef Documentation

◆ ProtocolType

typedef Photon SocketServer Rpc Protocols ProtocolType Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.ProtocolType