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Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase Class Referenceabstract

The server peer base. More...

Inheritance diagram for Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase:
Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase Photon.LoadBalancing.LoadShedding.LatencyMonitor Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.InboundS2SPeer Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.OutboundS2SPeer Photon.LoadBalancing.MasterServer.GameServer.IncomingGameServerPeer Photon.LoadBalancing.GameServer.OutgoingMasterServerPeer

Public Member Functions

SendResult InitializeEncryption ()
 Initializes the peer to receive and send encrypted operations. More...
SendResult SendOperationRequest (OperationRequest operationRequest, SendParameters sendParameters)
 Sends an operation request. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase
void Initialize (InitRequest initRequest)
override string ToString ()
void Disconnect ()
 Closes the connection. More...
void AbortConnection ()
 Forces the connection to close immediately. Should only be used if "Disconnect" does not lead to a clean connection shutdown, e.g. in case of an overloaded connection. More...
void Flush ()
 Flushes all pending data to the socket. More...
byte[] InitializeEncryption (byte[] otherPartyPublicKey)
 Initializes the peer to receive and send encrypted operations with EncryptionMethod.Sha256Pkcs7. More...
byte[] InitializeEncryption (byte[] otherPartyPublicKey, EncryptionMethod mode)
 Initializes the peer to receive and send encrypted operations. More...
SendResult SendEvent (IEventData eventData, SendParameters sendParameters)
 Sends an IEventData object to the client. More...
SendResult SendMessage (object message, SendParameters sendParameters)
SendResult SendOperationResponse (OperationResponse operationResponse, SendParameters sendParameters)
 Sends the operation response to the client. More...
void GetStats (out int roundTripTime, out int roundTripTimeVariance, out int numFailures)
void SetDebugString (string message)
int GetLastTouch ()
void SetPrivateCustomTypeCache (CustomTypeCache cache)
 Sets private custom type cache. It is supposed to be used together with plugins. In other case Proptocol.TryRegisterCustomType should be used More...
void Dispose ()
 Disposes the peer. More...

Protected Member Functions

 S2SPeerBase (InitResponse response)
 Initializes a new instance of the S2SPeerBase class. More...
override void OnReceive (byte[] data, SendParameters sendParameters)
 Invoked if incoming data was received for the peer. More...
virtual void OnInitializeEcryptionCompleted (short resultCode, string debugMessage)
 Invoked if an initialize encryption request was completed. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase
void Trace (bool enabled, object tag)
virtual SendResult SendData (byte[] data, SendParameters sendParameters)
 Sends bytes to the client. More...
virtual void Dispose (bool disposing)
 Disposes the internal fibers. More...
abstract void OnDisconnect (DisconnectReason reasonCode, string reasonDetail)
 The connection was closed. More...
virtual void OnSendBufferEmpty ()
 The default behavior of OnSendBufferFull is to disconnect the client. If this behavior is changed (override) the inheritor can pause sending until OnSendBufferEmpty is called. More...
virtual void OnUnexpectedDataReceived (byte[] data, string debugMessage)
 This method is called if incoming data has an unexpected format. Per default this method disconnects the client. Override to change this behavior. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase
ConnectionState ConnectionState [get, set]
 Gets the ConnectionState for this instance. More...
bool Connected [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this PeerBase instance is connected. More...
int ConnectionId [get]
 Gets the connection id. More...
bool Disposed [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether the peer was disposed. More...
string LocalIP [get]
 Gets the IP the client connects to. More...
IPAddress? LocalIPAddress [get]
 Gets the IP Address the client connects to. More...
int LocalPort [get]
 Gets the port the client connects to. More...
NetworkProtocolType NetworkProtocol [get]
 Gets the network protocol type used by the peer. More...
IRpcProtocol Protocol [get, set]
 Gets the used IRpcProtocol protocol. More...
string RemoteIP [get]
 Gets the client's remote IP address. More...
IPAddress? RemoteIPAddress [get]
 Gets the client's remote IP address. More...
int RemotePort [get]
 Gets the port the client connects from. More...
IFiber RequestFiber [get]
 Gets fiber for incoming messages. More...
int RoundTripTime [get, protected set]
 Gets the last round trip time for this peer. More...
int RoundTripTimeVariance [get, protected set]
 Gets the last round trip time variance for this peer. More...
int NumFailures [get, protected set]
bool LocalIPAddressIsIPv6 [get]
 If true connection is using a server IPv6 endpoint. More...
bool SourceUsingIPv6 [get]
 If true the peer is using IPv6 to connect to the server, if the server enpoint used is not IPv6 (LocalIPAddressIsIPv6) it means the client is beeing bridged (DNS64+NAT64), also IsIPv6ToIPv4Bridged. More...
bool IsIPv6ToIPv4Bridged [get]
 If true the client is beeing bridged (DNS64+NAT64), also SourceUsingIPv6. More...

Detailed Description

The server peer base.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ S2SPeerBase()

Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase.S2SPeerBase ( InitResponse  response)

Initializes a new instance of the S2SPeerBase class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitializeEncryption()

SendResult Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase.InitializeEncryption ( )

Initializes the peer to receive and send encrypted operations.

Returns SendResult.Ok if the event was successfully sent; otherwise an error value. See SendResult for more information.

◆ OnInitializeEcryptionCompleted()

virtual void Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase.OnInitializeEcryptionCompleted ( short  resultCode,
string  debugMessage 

Invoked if an initialize encryption request was completed.

resultCodeThe result code.
debugMessageThe debuf message.

◆ OnReceive()

override void Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase.OnReceive ( byte[]  data,
SendParameters  sendParameters 

Invoked if incoming data was received for the peer.

dataAn array of type Byte containing the received data.
sendParametersA SendParameters instance specifying how the data was send.

Can be overridden in a derived class to implement a custom request handling. The default implementation tries to parse the data as an OperationRequest and invokes the OnOperationRequest method of this instance.

Reimplemented from Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase.

◆ SendOperationRequest()

SendResult Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase.SendOperationRequest ( OperationRequest  operationRequest,
SendParameters  sendParameters 

Sends an operation request.

operationRequestThe operation request.
sendParametersThe send Options.
SendResult.EncryptionNotSupported: Encryption not initialized. SendResult.Disconnected: Not connected anymore. SendResult.SendBufferFull: The send buffer was full. SendResult.Ok: Success.