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Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages Class Reference
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Public Attributes

const string LobbyNotExist = "Lobby does not exists"
const string CanNotCreateLobby = "Cannot create lobby"
const string LobbyTypesLenDoNotMatchLobbyNames = "LobbyTypes lenght does not match LobbyNames lenght"
const string LobbyTypesNotSet = "Lobby types not set"
const string FailedToGetServerInstance = "Failed to get server instance."
const string LobbyNotJoined = "Lobby not joined"
const string UnknownOperationCode = "Unknown operation code"
const string NotAuthorized = "Not authorized"
const string Authenticating = "Already authenticating"
const string AlreadyAuthenticated = "Already authenticated"
const string RpcIsNotEnabled = "Rpc is not enabled"
const string RpcIsNotSetup = "Rpc Service isn't setup"
- Public Attributes inherited from Photon.Hive.Operations.HiveErrorMessages
const string OperationIsNotAllowedOnThisJoinStage = "Operation is not allowed on this join stage"
const string PeetNotJoinedToRoom = "Room not joined"
const string CacheSliceNoAviable = "Requested cache slice={0} not available."
const string MaxTTLExceeded = "Can not create game with EmptyRoomTtl={0} max allowed is {1}."
const string InvalidReceiverGroup = "Invalid ReceiverGroup "
const string ActorNotFound = "Actor with number {0} not found."
const string HttpForwardedOperationsLimitReached = "Limit ({0} per second) of operation with HttpForward flag are reached"
const string CantAddSlots = "Server can not add expected users to game"
const string UserAlreadyJoined = "Join failed: UserId '{0}' already joined the specified game (JoinMode={1})."
const string GameIdDoesNotExist = "Game does not exists"
const string GameClosed = "Game closed"
const string GameFull = "Game full"
const string ReinitGameFailed = "Reinit game failed"
const string InvalidOperationCode = "Invalid operation code"
const string UserNotFound = "User does not exist in this game"
const string CanNotUseRejoinOrJoinIfPlayerExpected = "Expected users does not support JoinMode=2"
const string JoinFailedFoundExcludedUserId = "UserId found in excluded list"
const string GameAlreadyExist = "A game with the specified id already exist."

Member Data Documentation

const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.AlreadyAuthenticated = "Already authenticated"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.Authenticating = "Already authenticating"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.CanNotCreateLobby = "Cannot create lobby"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.FailedToGetServerInstance = "Failed to get server instance."
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.LobbyNotExist = "Lobby does not exists"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.LobbyNotJoined = "Lobby not joined"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.LobbyTypesLenDoNotMatchLobbyNames = "LobbyTypes lenght does not match LobbyNames lenght"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.LobbyTypesNotSet = "Lobby types not set"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.NotAuthorized = "Not authorized"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.RpcIsNotEnabled = "Rpc is not enabled"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.RpcIsNotSetup = "Rpc Service isn't setup"
const string Photon.LoadBalancing.Common.LBErrorMessages.UnknownOperationCode = "Unknown operation code"