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ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber Class Reference

PoolFiber which supports pausing More...

Inheritance diagram for ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber:
ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.PoolFiber ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.IExtendedFiber ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.IFiber ExitGames.Concurrency.Core.ISubscriptionRegistry ExitGames.Concurrency.Core.IExecutionContext ExitGames.Concurrency.Core.IScheduler

Public Member Functions

 ExtendedPoolFiber ()
 ExtendedPoolFiber (IExtendedExecutor executor)
void Pause ()
void Resume ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.PoolFiber
 PoolFiber (IThreadPool pool, IExecutor executor)
 Construct new instance. More...
 PoolFiber (IExecutor executor)
 Create a pool fiber with the default thread pool. More...
 PoolFiber ()
 Create a pool fiber with the default thread pool and default executor. More...
void Enqueue (Action action)
 Enqueue a single action. More...
void RegisterSubscription (IDisposable toAdd)
 Register subscription to be unsubcribed from when the fiber is disposed. More...
bool DeregisterSubscription (IDisposable toRemove)
 Deregister a subscription. More...
IDisposable Schedule (Action action, long firstInMs)
 IScheduler.Schedule(Action,long) More...
IDisposable ScheduleOnInterval (Action action, long firstInMs, long regularInMs)
 IScheduler.ScheduleOnInterval(Action,long,long) More...
void Start ()
 Start consuming actions. More...
void Stop ()
 Stop consuming actions. More...
void Dispose ()
 Stops the fiber. More...


IExtendedExecutor Executor [get]
bool IsPaused [get]
- Properties inherited from ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.PoolFiber
ICounter CounterItemsInQueue [get, set]
ICounter CounterItemsInExecution [get, set]
ICounter CounterEnqueue [get, set]
ICounter CounterDequeue [get, set]
int NumSubscriptions [get]
 Number of subscriptions. More...
- Properties inherited from ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.IExtendedFiber
IExtendedExecutor Executor [get]
bool IsPaused [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.PoolFiber
int started = (int)ExecutionState.Created

Detailed Description

PoolFiber which supports pausing

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber.ExtendedPoolFiber ( )
ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber.ExtendedPoolFiber ( IExtendedExecutor  executor)

Member Function Documentation

void ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber.Pause ( )
void ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber.Resume ( )

Property Documentation

IExtendedExecutor ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber.Executor
bool ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers.ExtendedPoolFiber.IsPaused