Photon Voice v2.31

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WebRTCAudioProcessor Class Reference

Inherits WebRTCAudioLib, and IProcessor< short >.

Public Member Functions

 WebRTCAudioProcessor (ILogger logger, int frameSize, int samplingRate, int channels, int reverseSamplingRate, int reverseChannels)
short[] Process (short[] buf)
void OnAudioOutFrameFloat (float[] data)
void Dispose ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from WebRTCAudioLib
static IntPtr webrtc_audio_processor_create (int samplingRate, int channels, int frameSize, int revSamplingRate, int revChannels)
static int webrtc_audio_processor_init (IntPtr proc)
static int webrtc_audio_processor_set_param (IntPtr proc, int param, int v)
static int webrtc_audio_processor_process (IntPtr proc, short[] buffer, int offset, out bool voiceDetected)
static int webrtc_audio_processor_process_reverse (IntPtr proc, short[] buffer, int bufferSize)
static void webrtc_audio_processor_destroy (IntPtr proc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IProcessor< short >
T[] Process (T[] buf)
 Process a frame of audio data. More...

Static Public Attributes

static readonly int[] SupportedSamplingRates = { 8000, 16000, 32000, 48000 }


int AECStreamDelayMs [set]
bool?? AEC [set]
bool? AECHighPass [set]
bool?? AECMobile [set]
bool? HighPass [set]
bool? NoiseSuppression [set]
bool? AGC [set]
int AGCCompressionGain [set]
int AGCTargetLevel [set]
bool? AGC2 [set]
bool? VAD [set]
bool Bypass [set]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from WebRTCAudioLib
enum  Error
enum  Param