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Photon.SocketServer.Rpc Namespace Reference


namespace  Protocols
namespace  Reflection
namespace  ValueTypes


class  DataContract
 This class is a common base class for all data contracts. Properties flagged with the DataMemberAttribute can be converted from/to a dictionary. More...
class  DataContractAttribute
 TODO: Classes flagged with this attribute can be used as data contract More...
class  DataMemberAttribute
 When applied to the member of a type, specifies that the member is part of a data contract and should by serialized. More...
interface  IOperationHandler
 Peer.CurrentOperationHandler is an IOperationHandler. The implementor handles incoming OperationRequests (Peer.OnOperationRequest, peer disconnects (Peer.OnDisconnect) and disconnects that are invoked from other peers (Peer.OnDisconnectByOtherPeer). More...
class  Operation
 This class is a common base class for operations that have properties flagged with the DataMemberAttribute. More...
class  OperationHandlerDisabled
 This class is the operation handler for peers that are disconnected. It logs warnings for any operation requests or disconnect calls since they are unexpected.
class  Peer
 Inheritance class of PeerBase. This class uses an IOperationHandler that can be set with SetCurrentOperationHandler. This is useful if operations should have a different behavior when the state of the peer changes, e.g. after authentication. More...