Photon Fusion 1.1.9

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PlayerRef Struct Reference

Represents a Fusion player. More...

Inherits INetworkStruct.

Public Member Functions

override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
override string ToString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static implicit operator bool (PlayerRef value)
static implicit operator int (PlayerRef value)
static implicit operator PlayerRef (int value)
static bool operator!= (PlayerRef a, PlayerRef b)
static bool operator== (PlayerRef a, PlayerRef b)
static unsafe PlayerRef Read (NetBitBuffer *buffer)
static unsafe void Write (NetBitBuffer *buffer, PlayerRef playerRef)
static unsafe void Write< T > (T *buffer, PlayerRef playerRef)

Public Attributes

int _index

Static Public Attributes

const int SIZE = 4


bool IsNone [get]
bool IsValid [get]
 If this player index is valid.
static PlayerRef None [get]
 None player.
int PlayerId [get]
 Player id this player ref represents.
int RawEncoded [get]
 Raw encoded value.

Detailed Description

Represents a Fusion player.

The PlayerRef, in contrast to the player index, is 1-based. The reason is that default(PlayerRef) will return a "null/invalid" player ref struct for convenience. There are automatic cast operators that can cast an int into a PlayerRef.

default(PlayerRef), internally a 0, means NOBODY
PlayerRef, internally 1, is the same as player index 0
PlayerRef, internally 2, is the same as player index 1
Represents a Fusion player.
Definition PlayerRef.cs:19

Member Function Documentation

◆ Write< T >()

static unsafe void Write< T > ( T *  buffer,
PlayerRef  playerRef 
Type Constraints
T :unmanaged 
T :INetBitWriteStream