Photon Fusion 1.1.9

Photon Fusion API Documentation

Welcome to the Photon Fusion API online documentation.

Main Fusion API

Class Description
Fusion.NetworkRunner Represents a Server or Client Simulation
Fusion.NetworkObject This stores the object's network identity and manages the object's state and input authority
Fusion.NetworkProjectConfig The core Fusion config file that is shared with all peers at startup
Fusion.NetworkBehaviour Base class for Fusion network components, which are associated with a Fusion.NetworkObject
Transform Synchronization Description
Fusion.NetworkTransform Replicates a Unity Transform's position and rotation state
Fusion.NetworkRigidbody Replicates a Unity Rigidbody state
Fusion.NetworkRigidbody2D Replicates a Unity Rigidbody2D state
Fusion.NetworkCharacterController Provides custom API and state replication for collider-based Character Controller Movement

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