Photon C++ Client API

This is the documentation and reference for the Exit Games Photon C++ Client API. This Doc ships with the the C++ client library SDKs.

Photon is a multiplayer development framework to build real-time multiplayer games and applications for various platforms. It consists of a Server SDK and Client SDKs for the platforms listed above.

Photon provides a low-latency communication-layer for realtime games, based on UDP). This protocol allows reliable and unreliable transfer of data in "commands". On top of this, an operation- and event-framework is established to ease development of your own multiplayer applications.

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The Photon C++ Client consists out of these libraries:
Common-cpp - data types and utilities
Photon-cpp - Photons core networking API + The 'Lite' room logic
LoadBalancing-cpp - a high level API on top of Photon, which adds multi-server handling and a lot more
Chat-cpp - a high level Chat API

with the following main namespaces: