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ExitGames::Voice Namespace Reference


 Collection of Audio Utility functions and classes.
 Enum for Media Codecs supported by PhotonVoice.


class  AudioDesc
class  AudioOutDelayConfig
class  AudioOutDelayControl
class  Buffer
class  Framer
 Utility class to re-frame audio packets. More...
class  IAudioDesc
 Audio description interface. More...
class  IAudioOut
class  IAudioPusher
 Audio Pusher interface. More...
class  IDecoder
 Generic decoder interface. More...
class  IDecoderQueuedOutputImage
class  IEncoder
 Generic encoder interface. More...
class  IEncoderDirect
 Interface for an encoder which consumes input data via explicit call. More...
class  ILocalVoiceAudio
 Interface for an outgoing audio stream. More...
class  ILogger
struct  ImageInputBuf
struct  ImageOutputBuf
class  IProcessor
 Audio Processor interface. More...
class  IVoiceTransport
class  LoadBalancingListener
class  LoadBalancingTransport
 Provides transport for VoiceClient based on given LoadBalancing Client Creates and maintains VoiceClient More...
class  LocalVoice
 Represents outgoing data stream. More...
class  LocalVoiceAudio
 Outgoing audio stream. More...
class  LocalVoiceAudioDummy
 Dummy LocalVoiceAudio More...
class  LocalVoiceFramed
 Typed re-framing LocalVoice More...
class  PhotonTransportProtocol
class  RemoteVoice
class  RemoteVoiceInfo
 Information about a remote voice (incoming stream). More...
class  RemoteVoiceOptions
 Event Actions and other options for a remote voice (incoming stream). More...
class  UnsupportedCodecError
class  VoiceClient
 Voice client interacts with other clients on network via IVoiceTransport. More...
class  VoiceInfo
 Describes stream properties. More...


template<typename T >
static void audioPusherSourceCallback (void *obj, const Buffer< T > &buf)
static nByte byteDiff (nByte latest, nByte last)
static void sendDebugEchoVoicesInfoOp (void *opaque, const LocalVoice &v)


static const int VOICE_CHANNEL

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