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ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.IProducerThreadSubscriber< T > Interface Template Reference

Action subscriber that receives actions on producer thread. More...

Inheritance diagram for ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.IProducerThreadSubscriber< T >:
ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.ISubscribable< T > ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.BaseSubscription< T > ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.BatchSubscriber< T > ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.ChannelSubscription< T > ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.KeyedBatchSubscriber< K, T > ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.LastSubscriber< T >

Public Member Functions

void ReceiveOnProducerThread (T msg)
 Method called from producer threads More...


ISubscriptionRegistry Subscriptions [get]

Detailed Description

Action subscriber that receives actions on producer thread.

Template Parameters

Member Function Documentation

void ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.IProducerThreadSubscriber< T >.ReceiveOnProducerThread ( msg)

Method called from producer threads


summary> Allows for the registration and deregistration of subscriptions /summary>

Implemented in ExitGames.Concurrency.Channels.BaseSubscription< T >.

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