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Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages Class Reference

Public Attributes

const string AppIdMissing = "Application id not set"
 If appId is set to null. More...
const string EmptyAppId = "Empty application id"
const string InternalError = "Internal server error"
const string InvalidAppIdFormat = "Invalid application id format"
const string InvalidAppId = "Invalid application id"
const string AuthTokenMissing = "Authentication token is missing"
const string AuthTokenInvalid = "Invalid authentication token"
const string AuthTokenEncryptionInvalid = "Invalid authentication token encryption"
const string AuthTokenExpired = "Authentication token expired"
const string AuthTokenTypeNotSupported = "Authentication token type not supported"
const string ProtocolNotSupported = "Network protocol not supported"
const string EmptyUserId = "UserId is null or empty"
const string InvalidTypeForAuthData = "Invalid type for auth data"

Member Data Documentation

const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.AppIdMissing = "Application id not set"

If appId is set to null.

const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.AuthTokenEncryptionInvalid = "Invalid authentication token encryption"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.AuthTokenExpired = "Authentication token expired"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.AuthTokenInvalid = "Invalid authentication token"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.AuthTokenMissing = "Authentication token is missing"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.AuthTokenTypeNotSupported = "Authentication token type not supported"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.EmptyAppId = "Empty application id"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.EmptyUserId = "UserId is null or empty"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.InternalError = "Internal server error"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.InvalidAppId = "Invalid application id"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.InvalidAppIdFormat = "Invalid application id format"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.InvalidTypeForAuthData = "Invalid type for auth data"
const string Photon.Common.Authentication.ErrorMessages.ProtocolNotSupported = "Network protocol not supported"