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ILocalVoiceAudio Interface Reference

Interface for an outgoing audio stream. More...

Inherited by LocalVoiceAudio< T >, and LocalVoiceAudioDummy.

Public Member Functions

void VoiceDetectorCalibrate (int durationMs, Action< float > onCalibrated=null)
 Trigger voice detector calibration process. More...


AudioUtil.IVoiceDetector VoiceDetector [get]
 The VoiceDetector in use. More...
AudioUtil.ILevelMeter LevelMeter [get]
 The LevelMeter utility in use. More...
bool VoiceDetectorCalibrating [get]
 If true, voice detector calibration is in progress. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for an outgoing audio stream.

A LocalVoice always brings a LevelMeter and a VoiceDetector, which you can access using this interface.

Member Function Documentation

void VoiceDetectorCalibrate ( int  durationMs,
Action< float >  onCalibrated = null 

Trigger voice detector calibration process.

While calibrating, keep silence. Voice detector sets threshold based on measured backgroud noise level.

durationMsDuration of calibration (in milliseconds).
onCalibratedCalled when calibration is complete. Parameter is new threshold value.

Implemented in LocalVoiceAudioDummy, and LocalVoiceAudio< T >.

Property Documentation

AudioUtil.ILevelMeter LevelMeter

The LevelMeter utility in use.

AudioUtil.IVoiceDetector VoiceDetector

The VoiceDetector in use.

Use it to enable or disable voice detector and set its parameters.

bool VoiceDetectorCalibrating

If true, voice detector calibration is in progress.