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IAudioReader< T > Interface Template Reference

Audio Reader interface. More...

Inherits IDataReader< T >, and IAudioDesc.

Inherited by AudioUtil.ToneAudioReader< T >.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from IDataReader< T >
bool Read (T[] buffer)
 Fill full given frame buffer with source uncompressed data or return false if not enough such data. More...
- Properties inherited from IAudioDesc
int SamplingRate [get]
 Sampling rate of the audio signal (in Hz). More...
int Channels [get]
 Number of channels in the audio signal. More...
string Error [get]
 If not null, audio object is in invalid state. More...

Detailed Description

Audio Reader interface.

Opposed to an IAudioPusher (which will push its audio data whenever it is ready), an IAudioReader will deliver audio data when it is "pulled" (it's Read function is called).