Photon Voice  v2.11
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAudioUtilCollection of Audio Utility functions and classes.
 CBufferReaderPushAdapterBase< float >
 COpusCodec.Decoder< float >
 COpusCodec.Decoder< short >
 COpusCodec.Encoder< float >
 COpusCodec.Encoder< short >
 CFramer< T >Utility class to re-frame audio packets.
 CFramer< float >
 CIAudioOut< T >
 CIAudioOut< float >
 CIAudioPusher< short >
 CIAudioReader< float >
 CIEncoderDirect< T[]>
 CAudioUtil.ILevelMeterAudio Level Metering interface.
 CILocalVoiceAudioInterface for an outgoing audio stream.
 CImageBufferNativePool< Photon.Voice.ImageBufferNativeAlloc >
 CImageBufferNativePool< Photon.Voice.ImageBufferNativeGCHandleSinglePlane >
 CIProcessor< float >
 CIProcessor< short >
 CIServiceableInterface for classes that want their Service() function to be called regularly in the context of a LocalVoice.
 CISyncAudioOut< float >
 CAudioUtil.IVoiceDetectorVoice Activity Detector interface.
 CAudioUtil.LevelMeter< float >
 CAudioUtil.LevelMeter< short >
 CLocalVoiceAudio< float >
 CLocalVoiceAudio< short >
 CObjectFactory< T[], int >
 CObjectPool< T, ImageBufferInfo >
 CObjectPool< T[], int >
 CPrimitiveArrayPool< float >
 CRemoteVoiceInfoInformation about a remote voice (incoming stream).
 CRemoteVoiceOptionsEvent Actions and other options for a remote voice (incoming stream).
 CAudioUtil.VoiceDetector< float >
 CAudioUtil.VoiceDetector< short >
 CVoiceInfoDescribes stream properties.