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LocalVoiceAudio< T > Class Template Reference

Outgoing audio stream. More...

Inherits LocalVoiceFramed< T >, and ILocalVoiceAudio.

Public Member Functions

override IEncoder CreateDefaultEncoder (VoiceInfo info)
void VoiceDetectorCalibrate (int durationMs, Action< float > onCalibrated=null)
 Trigger voice detector calibration process. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from LocalVoiceFramed< T >
void AddPostProcessor (params IProcessor< T >[] processors)
 Adds processors after any built-in processors and everything added with AddPreProcessor. More...
void AddPreProcessor (params IProcessor< T >[] processors)
 Adds processors before built-in processors and everything added with AddPostProcessor. More...
void ClearProcessors ()
 Clears all processors in pipeline including built-in resampling. User should add at least resampler processor after call. More...
void PushDataAsync (T[] buf)
 Asynchronously push data into this stream. More...
void PushData (T[] buf)
 Synchronously push data into this stream. More...
override void Dispose ()
 Releases resources used by the VoiceFramed instance. Buffers used for asynchronous push will be disposed in encoder thread's 'finally'. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from LocalVoice
void RemoveSelf ()
 Remove this voice from it's VoiceClient (using VoiceClient.RemoveLocalVoice More...

Static Public Member Functions

static LocalVoiceAudio< T > Create (VoiceClient voiceClient, byte voiceId, IEncoder encoder, VoiceInfo voiceInfo, IAudioDesc audioSourceDesc, int channelId)
 Create a new LocalVoiceAudio<T> instance. More...

Protected Member Functions

void initBuiltinProcessors ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from LocalVoice
void resetNoTransmitCnt ()

Protected Attributes

AudioUtil.VoiceDetector< T > voiceDetector
AudioUtil.VoiceDetectorCalibration< T > voiceDetectorCalibration
AudioUtil.LevelMeter< T > levelMeter
int channels
bool resampleSource
- Protected Attributes inherited from LocalVoice
IEncoder encoder
VoiceClient voiceClient
volatile bool disposed
object disposeLock = new object()


virtual AudioUtil.IVoiceDetector VoiceDetector [get]
virtual AudioUtil.ILevelMeter LevelMeter [get]
bool VoiceDetectorCalibrating [get]
 True if the VoiceDetector is currently calibrating. More...
- Properties inherited from LocalVoiceFramed< T >
FactoryPrimitiveArrayPool< T > BufferFactory [get]
bool PushDataAsyncReady [get]
 Wether this LocalVoiceFramed has capacity for more data buffers to be pushed asynchronously. More...
- Properties inherited from LocalVoiceFramedBase
int FrameSize [get]
 Data flow will be repacked to frames of this size. May differ from input voiceInfo.FrameSize. Processors should resample in this case. More...
- Properties inherited from LocalVoice
byte Group [get, set]
byte InterestGroup [get, set]
 If InterestGroup != 0, voice's data is sent only to clients listening to this group (if supported by transport). More...
VoiceInfo Info [get]
 Returns Info structure assigned on local voice cration. More...
bool TransmitEnabled [get, set]
 If true, stream data broadcasted. More...
bool IsCurrentlyTransmitting [get, protected set]
 Returns true if stream broadcasts. More...
int FramesSent [get]
 Sent frames counter. More...
int FramesSentBytes [get]
 Sent frames bytes counter. More...
bool Reliable [get, set]
 Send data reliable. More...
bool Encrypt [get, set]
 Send data encrypted. More...
IServiceable LocalUserServiceable [get, set]
 Optional user object attached to LocalVoice. its Service() will be called at each VoiceClient.Service() call. More...
bool DebugEchoMode [get, set]
 If true, outgoing stream routed back to client via server same way as for remote client's streams. Can be swithed any time. OnRemoteVoiceInfoAction and OnRemoteVoiceRemoveAction are triggered if required. This functionality availability depends on transport. More...
- Properties inherited from ILocalVoiceAudio
AudioUtil.IVoiceDetector VoiceDetector [get]
 The VoiceDetector in use. More...
AudioUtil.ILevelMeter LevelMeter [get]
 The LevelMeter utility in use. More...
bool VoiceDetectorCalibrating [get]
 If true, voice detector calibration is in progress. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from LocalVoice
const int DATA_POOL_CAPACITY = 50

Detailed Description

Outgoing audio stream.

Member Function Documentation

static LocalVoiceAudio<T> Create ( VoiceClient  voiceClient,
byte  voiceId,
IEncoder  encoder,
VoiceInfo  voiceInfo,
IAudioDesc  audioSourceDesc,
int  channelId 

Create a new LocalVoiceAudio<T> instance.

voiceClientThe VoiceClient to use for this outgoing stream.
voiceIdNumeric ID for this voice.
encoderEncoder to use for this voice.
channelIdVoice transport channel ID to use for this voice.
The new LocalVoiceAudio<T> instance.
void VoiceDetectorCalibrate ( int  durationMs,
Action< float >  onCalibrated = null 

Trigger voice detector calibration process.

While calibrating, keep silence. Voice detector sets threshold basing on measured backgroud noise level.

durationMsDuration of calibration in milliseconds.
onCalibratedCalled when calibration is complete. Parameter is new threshold value.

Implements ILocalVoiceAudio.

Property Documentation

bool VoiceDetectorCalibrating

True if the VoiceDetector is currently calibrating.