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LoadBalancingFrontend Class Reference

Inherits LoadBalancingTransport.

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- Public Member Functions inherited from LoadBalancingTransport
void LogError (string fmt, params object[] args)
void LogWarning (string fmt, params object[] args)
void LogInfo (string fmt, params object[] args)
void LogDebug (string fmt, params object[] args)
bool IsChannelJoined (int channelId)
void SetDebugEchoMode (LocalVoice v)
 LoadBalancingTransport (ConnectionProtocol connectionProtocol=ConnectionProtocol.Udp)
 Initializes a new LoadBalancingTransport. More...
new void Service ()
 This method dispatches all available incoming commands and then sends this client's outgoing commands. Call this method regularly (2 to 20 times a second). More...
virtual bool ChangeAudioGroups (byte[] groupsToRemove, byte[] groupsToAdd)
void SendVoicesInfo (IEnumerable< LocalVoice > voices, int channelId, int targetPlayerId)
void SendDebugEchoVoicesInfo (int channelId)
 Send VoicesInfo events to the local player for all voices that have DebugEcho enabled. More...
void SendVoiceRemove (LocalVoice voice, int channelId, int targetPlayerId)
void SendFrame (ArraySegment< byte > data, byte evNumber, byte voiceId, int channelId, LocalVoice localVoice)
string ChannelIdStr (int channelId)
string PlayerIdStr (int playerId)
void Dispose ()
 Releases all resources used by the LoadBalancingTransport instance. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from LoadBalancingTransport
VoiceClient voiceClient
- Properties inherited from LoadBalancingTransport
VoiceClient VoiceClient [get]
 The VoiceClient implementation associated with this LoadBalancingTransport. More...
byte GlobalAudioGroup [get, set]
byte GlobalInterestGroup [get, set]
 Set global audio group for this client. This call sets InterestGroup for existing local voices and for created later to given value. Client set as listening to this group only until LoadBalancingPeer.OpChangeGroups() called. This method can be called any time. More...