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AudioUtil.VoiceLevelDetectCalibrate< T > Class Template Reference

Utility Audio Processor Voice Detection Calibration. More...

Inherits IProcessor< T >.

Public Member Functions

 VoiceLevelDetectCalibrate (int samplingRate, int channels)
 Create new VoiceLevelDetectCalibrate instance More...
void Calibrate (int durationMs, Action< float > onCalibrated=null)
 Start calibration More...
T[] Process (T[] buf)
 Process a frame of audio data. More...
void Dispose ()


ILevelMeter LevelMeter [get]
 The LevelMeter in use. More...
IVoiceDetector VoiceDetector [get]
 The VoiceDetector in use More...
bool IsCalibrating [get]

Detailed Description

Utility Audio Processor Voice Detection Calibration.

Encapsulates level meter, voice detector and voice detector calibrator in single instance.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VoiceLevelDetectCalibrate ( int  samplingRate,
int  channels 

Create new VoiceLevelDetectCalibrate instance

samplingRateSampling rate of the audio signal (in Hz).
numChannelsNumber of channels in the audio signal.

Member Function Documentation

void Calibrate ( int  durationMs,
Action< float >  onCalibrated = null 

Start calibration

durationMsDuration of the calibration procedure (in milliseconds).
onCalibratedCalled when calibration is complete. Parameter is new threshold value.

This activates the Calibration process. It will reset the given LevelMeter's AccumAvgPeakAmp (accumulated average peak amplitude), and when the duration has passed, use it for the VoiceDetector's detection threshold.

T [] Process ( T[]  buf)

Process a frame of audio data.

bufBuffer containing input audio data
Buffer containing output audio data

Implements IProcessor< T >.

Property Documentation

The LevelMeter in use.

The VoiceDetector in use