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AudioUtil.LevelMeter< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

Audio Level Meter. More...

Inherits IProcessor< T >, and AudioUtil.ILevelMeter.

Public Member Functions

void ResetAccumAvgPeakAmp ()
 Reset AccumAvgPeakAmp. More...
abstract T[] Process (T[] buf)
 Process a frame of audio data. More...
void Dispose ()

Protected Attributes

float ampSum
float ampPeak
int bufferSize
float[] prevValues
int prevValuesHead
float accumAvgPeakAmpSum
int accumAvgPeakAmpCount
float currentPeakAmp
float norm


float CurrentAvgAmp [get]
float CurrentPeakAmp [get, protected set]
float AccumAvgPeakAmp [get]
- Properties inherited from AudioUtil.ILevelMeter
float CurrentAvgAmp [get]
 Average amplitude value over last half second. More...
float CurrentPeakAmp [get]
 Maximum amplitude value over last half second sec. More...
float AccumAvgPeakAmp [get]
 Average of CurrentPeakAmps since last reset. More...

Detailed Description

Audio Level Meter.

Member Function Documentation

abstract T [] Process ( T[]  buf)
pure virtual

Process a frame of audio data.

bufBuffer containing input audio data
Buffer containing output audio data

Implements IProcessor< T >.

void ResetAccumAvgPeakAmp ( )