Photon JavaScript Client API

(C) Exit Games GmbH 2017


The Photon Javascript library provides a simple to use framework to access the Photon Server and the Photon Cloud. It works on many up to date browsers using either native WebSocket or a Flash plugin. Cross platform communication is possible, so Javascript clients can send events to DotNet or native clients. This might require some adjustments on other platforms. This is shown by the "Particle" demo. The SDK supports 2 APIs.

LoadBalancing API

LoadBalancing API allows to access Photon Cloud Realtime service as well as Photon Server LoadBalancing Application:

Chat API

Chat API allows to access Photon Chat service:


The reference documentation is in this package. Follow links per API above for more documentation for Photon development.


The latest version of Javascript SDK can be found at


To get in touch with other Photon developers and our engineers, visit our Developer Forum: Keep yourself up to date following Exit Games on Twitter and our blog at

Package Contents

  • license.txt - the license terms
  • install.txt - installation info
  • readme.txt - this readme text
  • release_history.txt - release history
  • /doc - the JavaScript API reference documentation
  • /lib - the different versions of the lib
  • /src
    • /demo-loadbalancing - basic Realtime application (LoadBalancing API) demo
    • /demo-particle - demo showing more of the LoadBalancing API's features
    • /demo-pairs-mc - Turnbased application demo
    • /demo-chat-api - demo showing Photon Chat API's features
    • /Photon - library TypeScript source files
    • PhotonWebsockets.sln - Visual Studio solution file for samples TypeScript projects (TypeScript minimal version required)