Photon C++ Client API

Creating a PhotonPeer instance and connecting

When a PhotonPeer instance is created, the PhotonPeer is ready to connect to a Photon Server. To do that, call the function connect()

After initializing the connection, the application should wait for the onStatusChanged() callback function. If its returnCode is StatusCode::CONNECT, the connection has been established.

Joining a game

As soon as the client application is connected to Photon, use the function opJoin() to join or create a game. If there is no game with the given identifier, a new game will be created. If the call succeeds, the onOperationResponse() callback will be called with operation code OPC_RT_JOIN, and also an event will be raised, resulting in a call to onEvent() callback with event code EV_RT_JOIN .

Raising custom events in game

In addition to the events raised by Photon you can also define and raise events needed for your game. E.g. you could define a event named "EV_SHOOT" to broadcast the information that the local actor has just fired a weapon at the position stored in the variables pMe->fireX, pMe->fireY. First pick and define an operation code for your "shoot" event. Make sure it won't collide with the Event codes #defined in PhotonConstants.h

To keep your code more readable and maintainable, you should also define key codes for your corresponding Hashtable entries, as shown below:

const nByte EV_SHOOT = 101;
const nByte KEY_FIRE_X = 1;
const nByte KEY_FIRE_Y = 2;

In the game we can now create an Hashtable for the shoot event and include the fire-coordinates as Key/Value pairs.

HashTable event;
event.put(KEY_FIE_X, pMe->fireX);
event.put(KEY_FIE_Y, pMe->fireY);
mPeer.opRaiseEvent(TRUE, event, EV_SHOOT);

As soon as Photon has delivered this operation, the onEvent() callback will be called at all the other players inside the same room, with event code beeing EV_SHOOT. Use a switch case on the event code to handle the different events accordingly.

Leaving a room

Use the opLeave() function to leave the currently joined room.

It sends an operation to the server and other players will receive the event EV_RT_LEAVE. When the operation is completed successfully, the ExitGames::Photon::PhotonListener::onOperationResponse() callback will be called at the local peer with the opCode OPC_RT_LEAVE.

Disconnecting from the server

Disconnecting should be done using disconnect().

When disconnecting is finished, the onStatusChanged() callback will be called and the status code should be StatusCode::DISCONNECT.