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Listener Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual void debugReturn (int debugLevel, const Common::JString &string)=0
virtual void onStateChange (int state)=0
virtual void connectionErrorReturn (int errorCode)=0
virtual void clientErrorReturn (int errorCode)=0
virtual void warningReturn (int warningCode)=0
virtual void serverErrorReturn (int errorCode)=0
virtual void connectReturn (int errorCode, const Common::JString &errorString)=0
virtual void disconnectReturn (void)=0
virtual void subscribeReturn (const Common::JVector< Common::JString > &channels, const Common::JVector< bool > &results)=0
virtual void unsubscribeReturn (const Common::JVector< Common::JString > &channels)=0
virtual void onStatusUpdate (const Common::JString &user, int status, bool gotMessage, const Common::Object &message)=0
virtual void onGetMessages (const Common::JString &channelName, const Common::JVector< Common::JString > &senders, const Common::JVector< Common::Object > &messages)=0
virtual void onPrivateMessage (const Common::JString &sender, const Common::Object &message, const Common::JString &channelName)=0
virtual void onReceiveBroadcastMessage (const Common::JString &channelName, nByte *inBuff, int inBuffBodyLength)

Detailed Description

Callback interface for Chat client side. Contains callback methods to notify your app about updates. Must be provided to new Chat::Client in constructor

Member Function Documentation

§ debugReturn()

virtual void debugReturn ( int  debugLevel,
const Common::JString string 
pure virtual

This is the callback function for debug-messages.

debugLevelone of the values in DebugLevel
stringthe formatted debug string
See also

Implements BaseListener.

§ onStateChange()

virtual void onStateChange ( int  state)
pure virtual

Notifies app that client state changed.

statenew client state
See also

§ connectReturn()

virtual void connectReturn ( int  errorCode,
const Common::JString errorString 
pure virtual

Client is connected now.

§ disconnectReturn()

virtual void disconnectReturn ( void  )
pure virtual

Disconnection happened.

§ subscribeReturn()

virtual void subscribeReturn ( const Common::JVector< Common::JString > &  channels,
const Common::JVector< bool > &  results 
pure virtual

The result of the subscribe operation. Returns per channel name if the channel is now subscribed.

channelschannel names
resultsper channel result: true if subscribed

§ unsubscribeReturn()

virtual void unsubscribeReturn ( const Common::JVector< Common::JString > &  channels)
pure virtual

Result of unsubscribe operation. Returns per channel name if the channel is now subscribed.

channelschannel names that are no longer subscribed

§ onStatusUpdate()

virtual void onStatusUpdate ( const Common::JString user,
int  status,
bool  gotMessage,
const Common::Object message 
pure virtual

The new status of another user (you get updates for users that are in your friends list).

username of the user
statusnew status of that user
gotMessagetrue if the status contains a message you should cache locally. False: This status update does not include a message (keep any you have).
messagemessage that user set

§ onGetMessages()

virtual void onGetMessages ( const Common::JString channelName,
const Common::JVector< Common::JString > &  senders,
const Common::JVector< Common::Object > &  messages 
pure virtual

Notifies the app that the client got new messages from the server Number of senders is equal to number of messages in 'messages'. Sender with number '0' corresponds to message with number '0', sender with number '1' corresponds to message with number '1' and so on

channelNamechannel from where messages came
senderslist of users who sent messages
messageslist of messages it self

§ onPrivateMessage()

virtual void onPrivateMessage ( const Common::JString sender,
const Common::Object message,
const Common::JString channelName 
pure virtual

Notifies the app about a private message

senderuser who sent this message
messagethe message itself
channelNamethe channel name for private messages (messages that you sent yourself get added to a channel per target username)

§ onReceiveBroadcastMessage()

virtual void onReceiveBroadcastMessage ( const Common::JString channelName,
nByte *  inBuff,
int  inBuffBodyLength 

Notifies the app about a broadcast message

channelNamethe channel name through which the message is broadcast
inBuffthe message buffer
inBuffBodyLengththe message buffer length