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FriendInfo Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Common::JString getUserID (void) const
bool getIsOnline (void) const
Common::JString getRoom (void) const
bool getIsInRoom (void) const
virtual Common::JStringtoString (Common::JString &retStr, bool withTypes=false) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Base
virtual ~Base (void)
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virtual ~ToString (void)
virtual JString typeToString (void) const
JString toString (bool withTypes=false) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Base
static void setListener (const BaseListener *baseListener)
static int getDebugOutputLevel (void)
static bool setDebugOutputLevel (int debugLevel)
static const LogFormatOptionsgetLogFormatOptions (void)
static void setLogFormatOptions (const LogFormatOptions &options)

Detailed Description

Used to store the information about a friend's online status and in which room he/she is active.

See also
Client::getFriendList(), Client::getFriendListAge(), Client::opFindFriends(), Listener::onFindFriendsResponse()

Member Function Documentation

§ getUserID()

JString getUserID ( void  ) const
the user ID of the friend

§ getIsOnline()

bool getIsOnline ( void  ) const
true if the friend is online, false otherwise

§ getRoom()

JString getRoom ( void  ) const
the name of the room in which the friend currently is active in, or an empty string, if it is not active inside any room at all.

§ getIsInRoom()

bool getIsInRoom ( void  ) const
true if the friend is active inside a room, false otherwise.

§ toString()

JString & toString ( Common::JString retStr,
bool  withTypes = false 
) const
The cost of this function depends a lot on implementation details of the implementing subclasses, but for container classes this function can become quite expensive, if the instance contains huge amounts of data, as its cost for many container class implementations increases disproportionately high to the size of the payload.
retStrreference to a string, to store the return-value in; the information, which is generated by this function, will be attached at the end of any eventually existing previous content of the string
withTypesset to true, to include type information in the generated string
a JString representation of the instance and its contents for debugging purposes.

Implements ToString.