Photon C++ Client API
JVector< Etype > Member List

This is the complete list of members for JVector< Etype >, including all inherited members.

addElement(const Etype &obj)JVector< Etype >
addElements(const JVector< Etype > &vector)JVector< Etype >
addElements(const Etype *carray, unsigned int elementCount)JVector< Etype >
contains(const Etype &elem) constJVector< Etype >
copyInto(Etype *array) constJVector< Etype >
ensureCapacity(unsigned int minCapacity)JVector< Etype >
getCapacity(void) constJVector< Etype >
getCArray(void) constJVector< Etype >
getElementAt(unsigned int index) constJVector< Etype >
getFirstElement(void) constJVector< Etype >
getIndexOf(const Etype &elem) constJVector< Etype >
getIsEmpty(void) constJVector< Etype >
getLastElement(void) constJVector< Etype >
getLastIndexOf(const Etype &elem) constJVector< Etype >
getSize(void) constJVector< Etype >
insertElementAt(const Etype &obj, unsigned int index)JVector< Etype >
JVector(unsigned int initialCapacity=0, unsigned int capacityIncrement=1)JVector< Etype >
JVector(const Etype *carray, unsigned int elementCount, unsigned int initialCapacity=0, unsigned int capacityIncrement=1)JVector< Etype >
JVector(const JVector< Etype > &rhv)JVector< Etype >
operator!=(const JVector< Etype > &toCompare) constJVector< Etype >
operator=(const JVector< Etype > &rhv)JVector< Etype >
operator==(const JVector< Etype > &toCompare) constJVector< Etype >
operator[](unsigned int index) constJVector< Etype >
operator[](unsigned int index)JVector< Etype >
removeAllElements(void)JVector< Etype >
removeElement(const Etype &obj)JVector< Etype >
removeElementAt(unsigned int index)JVector< Etype >
setDebugOutputLevel(int debugLevel)Basestatic
setElementAt(const Etype &obj, unsigned int index)JVector< Etype >
setListener(const BaseListener *baseListener)Basestatic
setLogFormatOptions(const LogFormatOptions &options)Basestatic
toString(JString &retStr, bool withTypes=false) constJVector< Etype >virtual
ExitGames::Common::Base::toString(bool withTypes=false) constToString
trimToSize(void)JVector< Etype >
typeToString(void) constToStringvirtual
~JVector(void)JVector< Etype >virtual