Photon C++ Client API
ExitGames::Chat::ClientState Namespace Reference


static const int Uninitialized
 Peer is created but not used yet.
static const int ConnectingToNameServer
 Connecting to Name Server (includes connect authenticate and joining the lobby)
static const int ConnectedToNameServer
 Connected to Name Server.
static const int Authenticating
static const int Authenticated
static const int DisconnectingFromNameServer
 Transition from Name to Chat Server.
static const int ConnectingToFrontEnd
 Transition to Chat Server.
static const int ConnectedToFrontEnd
 Connected to Chat Server. Subscribe to channels and chat here.
static const int Disconnecting
 The client disconnects (from any server).
static const int Disconnected
 The client is no longer connected (to any server). Connect to Name Server to go on.

Detailed Description

Possible states for a Client.