Photon C++ Client API
ExitGames::LoadBalancing::LobbyType Namespace Reference


static const nByte DEFAULT
 This lobby type is used unless another lobby type is specified. Room lists will be sent and Client::opJoinRandomRoom() can filter by matching properties.
static const nByte SQL_LOBBY
 This lobby type lists rooms like type DEFAULT but SQL-like "where" clauses for filtering can be used with Client::opJoinRandomRoom(). This allows 'bigger', 'less', 'or' and 'and' combinations.
static const nByte ASYNC_RANDOM_LOBBY
 This lobby does not send room lists. It is only used for Client::opJoinRandomRoom(). It keeps rooms available for matchmaking for a while even when there are only inactive users left.

Detailed Description

Options of lobby types available. Lobby types might be implemented in certain Photon versions and won't be available on older servers.