Photon Bolt Engine API 1.2.13

API Documentation

Class Description
BoltLauncher Utility class used to start Bolt as Server or Client
BoltNetwork Includes most of the functions and properties
BoltEntity A game entity within the bolt simulation
BoltConnection The connection to a remote endpoint
Bolt.GlobalEventListener Base class for all BoltCallbacks objects
Bolt.EntityBehaviour Base class for Unity behaviours that want to access the network stack
Bolt.Command Base class that all commands inherit from
Bolt.Event Base class that all events inherit from
Bolt.IProtocolToken Describe a Protocol Token that can be used to transfer data between peers

Bolt Matchmaking

Class Description
Bolt.Matchmaking.BoltMatchmaking Expose the main API for Matchmaking in Bolt
UdpKit.UdpSession Represents a session that can be used as starting point for a connection
UdpKit.UdpSessionFilter Used to filter only specific sessions that agree with the desired parameters

Lag Compensation

Class Description
Bolt.LagCompensation.BoltPhysicsHits Collection of BoltPhysicsHit, result of Raycast and OverlapSphere tests
Bolt.LagCompensation.BoltPhysicsHit Describes a hit to a BoltHitbox on a BoltHitboxBody
BoltHitbox Defines one hitbox on a BoltHitboxBody
BoltHitboxBody Defines a body of hitboxes to be tracked

Bolt Class Attributes

Class Description
BoltGlobalBehaviourAttribute Sets the network mode and scenes that a Bolt.GlobalEventListener should be run


Class Description
BoltConfig Configuration settings object
BoltRuntimeSettings The runtime settings and confugration for the current bolt simulation
BoltLog Provides logging capabilities to a variety of outputs