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Photon.Hive.Tests.TestGameState Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Photon.Hive.Tests.TestGameState:

Public Member Functions

 TestGameState ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Photon.Hive.GameState
 GameState ()
bool SetState (SerializableGameState state)
bool SetState (Dictionary< string, object > state)
SerializableGameState GetSerializableGameState ()
Dictionary< string, object > GetState ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Photon.Hive.GameState
ActorsManager actorsManager
- Properties inherited from Photon.Hive.GameState
PropertyBag< object > Properties [get]
 Gets a PropertyBag instance used to store custom room properties. More...
int EmptyRoomLiveTime [get, set]
bool IsOpen [get, set]
bool IsVisible [get, set]
string LobbyId [get, set]
bool CheckUserOnJoin [get, set]
bool PublishUserId [get, set]
bool DeleteCacheOnLeave [get, set]
 Gets or sets a value indicating whether cached events are automaticly deleted for actors which are leaving a room. More...
HashSet< object > LobbyProperties [get, set]
 Contains the keys of the game properties hashtable which should be listet in the lobby. More...
AppLobbyType LobbyType [get, set]
byte MaxPlayers [get, set]
int PlayerTTL [get, set]
 Player live time More...
bool SuppressRoomEvents [get, set]
 Gets or sets a value indicating if common room events (Join, Leave) will suppressed. More...
RoomEventCacheManager EventCache [get]
EventCacheDictionary ActorEventCache [get]
 Contains Caching.EventCaches for all actors. More...
GroupManager GroupManager [get]
ActorsManager ActorsManager [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Photon.Hive.Tests.TestGameState.TestGameState ( )