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Photon.Hive.Tests.TestActorsManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Photon.Hive.Tests.TestActorsManager:

Public Member Functions

void AddInactive (Actor actor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Photon.Hive.Collections.ActorsManager
 ActorsManager ()
bool TryAddPeerToGame (HiveGame game, HivePeer peer, int actorNr, out Actor actor, out bool isNewActor, out Photon.Common.ErrorCode errorcode, out string reason, JoinGameRequest joinRequest)
 Tries to add a HivePeer to this game instance. More...
int RemovePeerFromGame (HiveGame game, HivePeer peer, int playerTTL, bool isCommingBack)
bool RemoveInactiveActor (HiveGame game, Actor actor)
void AddToExcludeList (string userId, byte reason)
string DumpActors ()
bool CheckMayAddSlots (string[] slots, int maxPlayers)
bool IsExpectedUser (string userId)
bool TryAddExpectedUsers (HiveGame hiveGame, JoinGameRequest joinRequest)
int TryAddExpectedUser (HiveGame hiveGame, string userId)
void RemoveExpectedUser (string userId)
Actor GetActorByUserId (string userId)
Actor GetActorByNumber (int actorNr)
void DeserializeActors (IList< SerializableActor > list)
List< SerializableActor > SerializeActors (bool withDebugInfo)
Actor ActorsGetActorByNumber (int actorNumber)
 Gets an actor by the actor number. More...
Actor ActorsGetActorByPeer (PeerBase peer)
 Gets an actor by a specified peer. More...
Actor ActorsGetActorByUserId (string userId)
 Gets an actor by userId. More...
IEnumerable< int > ActorsGetActorNumbers ()
 Gets the actor numbers of all actors in this instance as an array. More...
IEnumerable< ActorActorsGetActorsByNumbers (int[] actors)
 Returns all actors with the given actor numbers. More...
IEnumerable< ActorActorsGetExcludedList (Actor actorToExclude)
 Gets a list of actors in the room exluding a specified actor. This method can be used to get the actor list for an event, where the actor causing the event should not be notified. More...
IEnumerable< ActorActorsGetExcludedList (int actorToExclude)
IEnumerable< int > InactiveActorsGetActorNumbers ()
Actor InactiveActorsGetActorByNumber (int actorNr)
Actor InactiveActorsGetActorByUserId (string userId)
IEnumerator< ActorGetEnumerator ()
void DeactivateActors (HiveGame game)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Photon.Hive.Collections.ActorsManager
readonly List< ActorallActors = new List<Actor>()
- Properties inherited from Photon.Hive.Collections.ActorsManager
int Count [get]
int ActorsCount [get]
int InactiveActorsCount [get]
int ActorNumberCounter [get, set]
List< ExcludedActorInfo > ExcludedActors [get, set]
IEnumerable< ActorAllActors [get]
IEnumerable< ActorActors [get]
IEnumerable< ActorInactiveActors [get]
int YetExpectedUsersCount [get]
List< string > ExpectedUsers [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

void Photon.Hive.Tests.TestActorsManager.AddInactive ( Actor  actor)