Photon Bolt Engine API
Networking Middleware
API Documentation

Here you will find documentation for:
BoltNetwork: Includes most of the functions and properties

BoltInternal.GlobalEventListenerBase: Base class for all BoltCallbacks objects
BoltEntity: A game entity within the bolt simulation
BoltConnection: The connection to a remote endpoint

Bolt.Command: Base class that all commands inherit from

BoltGlobalBehaviourAttribute: Sets the network mode and scenes that a Bolt.GlobalEventListener should be run on

BoltConfig: Bolt configuration settings object

BoltLog: Provides logging capabilities to a variety of outputs

BoltPhysicsHit: Describes a hit to a BoltHitbox on a BoltHitboxBody

Bolt.EntityBehaviour: Base class for unity behaviours that want to access Bolt methods

BoltHitbox: Defines one hitbox on a BoltHitboxBody

BoltHitboxBody: Defines a body of hitboxes to be tracked

Bolt.Event: Base class that all events inherit from

BoltRuntimeSettings: The runtime settings and confugration for the current bolt simulation